Thursday, October 01, 2009


In September our family finally moved out of our little apartment. Now we are living in a house in Queensborough which I didn't see until we were moving in. I was hesitant to go across the bridge to a community I was less familiar with. It is separated from the rest of New Westminster by a bridge and nestled in between Richmond, Delta, Burnaby and the rest of New Westminster. It is on the Fraser River and until recently there was not a lot of shopping over there. In the last few years a Walmart was built and with it came a bunch of fast food and clothing stores as well as a Best Buy and There is a community centre with lovely weeping willows and plenty of playground space. The schools are centrally located as well but we don't have a grocery store there. I suspect we will be crossing the Queensborough Bridge frequently. My commute time to work has been cut by 10 minutes and I am sure Patrick is closer to his work destinations as well. We like to look out our back window and see the trains. We are right near the Derwent Way rail swing bridge going to Annacis Island. We have ditches with frogs in our front yard. I like the grassy lanes that divide many of the homes backyards. We are getting used to being a bit isolated from our family and all the places we used to frequent. We have met some nice people and are enjoying being in such a large space where the children can play outside!

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SAH in Suburbia said...

Wow, how fabulous!!!
I have some stuff to return to you. Can I come and see?