Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flatulence Sounds with your Armpits

Oh my, oh my, Girls can so make these noises too. My now Seven year old has been trying and trying to get his armpits to make disgusting noises like other boys in his class can {see previous post and pick out the most innocent looking boys and THEY are the ones who can do it the best} Of course our Two year old girly girl has to do EVERYTHING he does. Tonight she learned how to do it properly while she sat naked on the potty. I didn't think girls could do it but apparently they can and sometimes better than their brothers. She was quite pleased with herself as she usually just hops around flapping her arm and giggling insanely. I was so surprised! She imitates her brother constantly and follows him around incessantly even though he finds her quite irritating. I am having so much trouble keeping our home peaceful with those two now that I am busy with baby they are left to their own devices quite a bit more. I have even tried belting out Love at Home and Families are Forever at the top of my lungs but that just scares or wakes up the baby and the selective listening kicks in on the children's part and they just ignore me and continue fighting. My son is so good at waiting until I am out of earshot or not looking.Suddenly I then hear a blood curdling scream/yell of his name from the self proclaimed big girl followed by more yelling or the big brother crying out in pain. He's constantly provoking her and teasing her whenever possible. At first I told them to work it out themselves or I would make them sit together and hold hands but unless I get out the rope and duct tape that just won't happen and I am afraid it would lead to more fights from the close proximity. It isn't enough that Anastasia has a terrible two year old temperment anyway. We used to call her 'Mad Baby' when she was so small because when she cried she sounded so annoyed and angry. Yes we had multiple tantrums today again, in the car, outside the car, half in and half out of the car, in the apartment, in the hallway, at the park, in the elevator, at Amma's, in the parking lot, in the courtyard, the list goes on. But now I also have a Seven year old that loves loves loves his new sister, to carry her around and oogle her, cuddle her and kiss her but has forgotten he liked the first sister and thought she was cute too. I remember we had to keep telling him to stop crushing his sister when she was a newborn. Maybe the age gap {4 years 3 months} is too wide for them to be sharing a room but for now we are stuck in this two bedroom apartment. I don't have ANY brothers or sisters so I just don't get the laughing one minute and crying the next and then friends again two minutes later. Why do they bicker? Why do they provoke each other? What is the deal? My husbands best friends are his siblings. Why can't I get my children to be kind to each other? Helpful, is that too much to ask of them? It's been pretty brutal lately plus we're all feeling the squeeze of being in such close quarters and kind of getting in each other's way. I am really glad I have more than one child but I wasn't prepared for the dynamics which isn't really as bad as I am making it out to be but I am feeling frustrated and still adjusting. 'Stop, breathe and think.' Anastasia always says when she hears the word frustrated. Maybe I will try that next time I hear the blood curdling scream or the 'Mom she's hitting/pinching/kicking/throwing blank at me.' I don't want to encourage them to physically let the other have it but have been tempted. My grade six teacher loved to tell his students to take it out in the hallway, that he'd clean up the blood later. We do have a hallway but i don't think that would be a good solution. I just found a bug on my arm biting me and have no idea what kind it was but am totally grossed out because i crushed it and i don't like to touch bugs of have them touch me ever. I am really curious where it came from and what it was though. I guess I reacted too quickly. Maybe it came from the pile of strawberry leaves left by the laptop on top of the strawberry juice stain now on the desk. Finding that really tries my patience. I know exactly who did it too! Well I better quit brewing and stewing about this sibling rivalry thing and get some sleep. Oh is that what it is? Now I have a name for it and can do some research. I am so happy. As previously stated I better get some Zees before Avalina wakes. She's been hungry every hour today seems like, must be a growth spurt. I actually felt human today because I got four straight hours last night {pumped milk, compassionate daddy}! G'nite

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