Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Go Lucky is feeling better...

It turns out that besides the bladder infection Lucky had an extremely low thyroid, common in older cats and some kind of tumor. I am not sure about the tumor but Pat said they biopsied it and we haven't heard any results. I thought old animals just get lumpy and that if it wasn't bothering him we didn't have to worry about it. Now that he is on the thyroid medication he is gaining some weight swiping at the children's toys, purring and rubbing himself all over the place. You may have already heard that in the summer Patrick decided he should be living it up and eating canned tuna and salmon, all the time. He went to Army & Navy and got tons of the fish for him. He decided Lucky would be much happier if he wasn't a carbohydrate addict. He was hoping he might do less biting. He has giant teeth and although he never scratches he does bite and hard! He doesn't bite the children unless they are really mean and poking and pulling at him a lot. Then they just get a warning nip instead of his usual impaling of the teeth and dragging of them that the grown ups get. The lovely ladies at the vet got one of those and they had to use a towel around him because he was so scared and being so vicious. Anyway after Lucky switched to the fish he was very happy but he lost weight so quickly I started to get worried. My friend Dora told me about this Inova Evo food that contains no grains. Usually he has to have a special vet food to reduce crystals in the urine but he didn't have any peeing problems at all after switching his diet both times, thank goodness. Now that you've all been bored with this terribly interesting recent medical history I can tell you that he is feeling like himself again and is much happier. His coat looks shiny again and he has a lot more energy. Since he went off of commercial and veterinarian foods he doesn't shed nearly as much so it's nice to be able to wear black again. I am pretty sure it cost my husband quite a bit of money but it is a lot nicer not to be stressed out about the health of the cat and our family is happy to have our good old Lucky back to normal.

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