Friday, October 19, 2007


Patrick bought the 3 day passes months ago and we were a bit unsure about bringing the little ones with us. We accepted the fact that we would not be staying into the night or seeing any of the big name bands appearing in the various stadiums around the site. We thought we were all set, mentally to enjoy ourselves. In previous years I always noticed children and different activities there for them. We brought bathing suits for the different fountains on the site and plenty of snacks too. We certainly weren't prepared for chasing our little ones through the crowds and I didn't anticipate how difficult and exhausting it might be to keep track of them in this kind of situation. Overall we were able to enjoy ourselves but mostly they did the enjoying. We did see some bands in the outdoor venues that were good and I still was able to enjoy the art displays but was not able to meander and luxuriously take my time wandering and gazing at all there was to see. I felt distracted the entire time by the children and meeting there needs.

I finally am getting around to posting these photos from Labour Day weekend. We took the children with us down to Seattle Centre to Bumbershoot.

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