Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Preschool Graduate...

I don't think he knew whether to laugh or cry at breakfast the day of his graduation from Somewhere to Grow. He will miss his school, his teachers and his classmates except the one who bit him. Marvin seemed to have a sudden burst of energy as he ended up jumping off the stage instead of continuing to the stairwell. Then he proceeded to rip up his hat as he sat below with his cohorts and he made a lot of dog noises. Boys will be boys. I hope he grows up to be a man. He is officially signed up for kindergarten now too, assuming we don't move in the meantime. The school is right near our house and it is nice and small. He explored the library while I was filling out the appropriate forms. He immediately introduced himself to the librarian and told her pretty much his life story. He is really missing his preschool buddies but is still looking forward to kindergarten. Marvin was wondering if he will get weekends and holidays off from school in the coming year. I can't really remember entering school but I do remember being in kindergarten and learning words and letters and even some classmates. It will be exciting to gather the school supplies! Wasn't it always? Happy Canada Day! We enjoyed a BIG church picnic. My favorite part was the game where the adults had balloons tied to their ankles and then had to pop each others until only one person had a balloon left. It was fun to watch the kids take cups of water to their Dad's who had empty water bottles behind their backs. Luckily Marvin declined on the candy, no more cavities for this little boy, a good time had by all. Yummy kimuchi.

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