Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter

Easter is good. I like Easter. To me Spring is really here once it's Easter. I like Spring! I signifies so much to me. Rebirth. Growth. Who doesn't like to get closer to summer. I don't even mind all the rain that comes to us in April because I know what it's doing. It's growing things. Daddy planted some tomatoes on the balcony yesterday. Little tomatoe plants, smell so good. The little boy did an egg hunt this morning with his cousins Jessica and Aimee. He is on cloud 9. He has a basket full of chocolate and candy and plastic eggs. Life is good! when you're 4. Baby is happy too. So far the best thing about this Easter weekend has been having the whole family, all 4 of us, all together for 5 days in a row, with no pressing obligations. Manghi family celebration happens Sunday after Fayth's baptism. Will post pics. Included a picture of a little cousin-Sydney Martin Apelocruz in Mexico last month. So cute. Don't you agree?

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