Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun with Fungus

I have a fungus on my breasts&Anasia has it on her bumbum.Eoww we are fussy.I'm pumping milk so i feel even more like a cow now.The crevasses near my nipples are red and sore. Don't worry I have cream. Sorry I could not include a picture of that.Yesterday Marvin got his chickenpox shot.He was so brave. He didn't even cry. Anasia got 3 needles.She did cry.He was given a snoopy bandaid.After we went to Build-A-Bear.Now we need to remorgage our home.Luckily I convinced Marvin to bring him home naked.Not marvin he was wearing head to toe green.His new monkey,Marvelous Containo Monkey.That is the name he chose.It was a very elaborate set up.He was able to participate in the making of the monkey.Even he put it's heart inside and made a with, 'that he would always be as happy as he was today'.So sweet.My granny fell down and bumped her head and hurt her rump. She can't get out of bed now, she said.I am quite concerned about her.I tried to call my dad but I couln't find him so I called her other son and one of his other daughters.She's 96 and Uncle Harry said she'll probably die on the kitchen floor one day.She said that is what she would want for herself.She is extremely independent.Also a bit stubborn about accepting help with anything.She is lying on the couch, listening to the radio and reading her large print Reader's Digest.She has a high pain threshold too so I think she should get herself checked out.Nature will take care of her if she rests, she says.I phoned my 1/2 sister Debbie to let her know and see if she could tell the Dad.Marvin was shocked to learn I have a sister, he yelled, "You don't have any sisters."He is so funny.It was so nice to talk to her!I haven't talked to her in a long time. Goforit!Debbie.She's thinking of becoming a student again.She has a grown up son named Jeff who is studying sound at Vancouver Fim School.Way to go Jeff.Good Luck! This morning I went to the historic Galbraith house.It's so old and beautiful inside. Thanks to my favorite Stampin'Up demonstrator, Lillian I made a lovely magnet. Actually it was fun and easy too.I made some new friends too.Must lay down before I collapse now.

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